A Range of Migration Visas for Australia

Migration Specialists Melbourne help people to migrate and settle in Australia, including under the family and other migration visas. If you are in the process of settling down roots into this country, you’ll need your family with you. There are a variety of visa types for family members to join their relatives in Australia, as well as other visas to cover the range of work, study and volunteering options you may be considering.

There are a variety of family visas available for a range of circumstances and situations:

Parent Visa | Child Visa | Relative Visa | Orphan Relative Visa


Parent Visas

If you are Permanent resident or an Australian Citizen you can sponsor your parents to live in Australia. With parents visas there are various visa types and categories. They must be sponsored from their Child in Australia, they must satisfy the balance of family test.

  • Subclass 103(Parent ) there is queue for this visa.
  • Subclass 143 (Contributory Parent)
  • 804 (Aged Parent)
  • 864 (Contributory Parent) 884 Contributory Parent (Temporary).

Child Visas

If you have a child overseas or would like to adopt a child overseas we can evaluate your eligibility and provide further information. If you require information on child visas can contact us.  

Relative Visas

Only remaining relative. There a diverse category of relative visas. If you have only remaining relative. You must be sponsored by your near relative in Australia.

  • 115 Subclass Remaining Relative. You must lodge this application offshore.
  • 835 Subclass Remaining Relative must be lodged onshore. 

If you have aged relatives in your country they rely on you for financial support, if you are a Citizen or Permanent Resident in Australia you can sponsor your aged relative.

  • 114 Subclass Aged Depended Relative off shore.
  • 838 Subclass Aged Depended Relative on shore. 

Orphan Relative Visas

This visa is for children under 18 years of age whose parents are not capable to care for them. It permits a child who is an orphan relative to remain in Australia.

Migration Specialists Melbourne

Get in touch with us for assistance in lodging your Australian family and other migration visas.

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